Battle : King Arms vs G&G

6 years ago by rudy    Comments: 8    Views: 8762

King Arms vs G&G
Which is the best Airsoft brand ?

what m4 should i buy?

1 year ago by opfo    Comments: 1    Views: 941

i need help picking my airsoft gun. should i buy the Echo1 M4 ST6 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle or should wait to get more money and buy the kWA Full Metal KM4 RIS Airsoft AEG or any other m4 under 350$.

AK-47 suggestions

5 years ago by Villagewarrior    Comments: 8    Views: 2572

Okay so i am considering buying a AEG AK if i can find players near me. So i am looking at the CYMA CM028. Now the question is, Black with RIS or the wood(fake)? Both have the same stats is it worth adding a dot sight or something? Anyone got some advice

Where to get BBs in Myanmar

2 years ago by StevemacG    Comments: 2    Views: 1150

As the title says - can anyone suggest where I can buy quality 6mm BBs in Yangon, Myanmar? Local suppliers have really crappy Chinese BBs - odd shapes and basically no use at all!

The postal system here seems to be variable, especially for anything coming from outside the country, so ideally I'd like to find a supplier in the Yangon area.

Any advice/suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help

How to Airsoft on a budget

4 years ago by rudy    Comments: 4    Views: 2881

How to Airsoft on a budget ? That's one question i often read in forums. Who wants to start and try to answer ?

What is your favourite Airsoft online retailer?

6 years ago by rudy    Comments: 6    Views: 4393

Airsoft GI, Redwolf Airsoft, Evike.com, eHobbyAsia.com, AirSplat, Airsoft Megastore, Taiwangun.com, MilGear, WGCShop, Land Warrior Airsoft Ltd, begadi . com, RSOV Airsoft, Zero One Airsoft, Airsoftmorava, East Coast Airsoft, SniperAirguns, Airsoft Extreme... ?

Do you have other Airsoft retailers in mind ? Your opinion on them (quality, price, delivery...) ?

A&K Masada ACR

1 year ago by Mark.Neuber    Comments: 0    Views: 1041


I am looking for my new AEG and I like this:


Can someone give me an advice, if A&K is good manufacturer? OK, I know its cheap, but I am lookig for compromise between price and usefulness :).



1 year ago by Duca    Comments: 0    Views: 1031

Im looking to get into airsoft ive picked the rifle i want to get. my question is would a m14 mag fit into a ar-15 pouch. or would i have to buy a vest add on pouches

Info on VFC MK16

1 year ago by Gale44    Comments: 0    Views: 942

I want to buy a rifle. I'm in confusion. M16 is my dream. I heard it has possibility for many modifications and accessories. I searched various brands and found MK16 standard by VFC(https://mach1airsoft.com/product/vfc-mk16-std-black/) in an online airsoft dealer. The only concern is it's price tag. Should I go with it?

What replica would you recommend under 200$ ? (brand, model)

6 years ago by rudy    Comments: 6    Views: 2010

What replica would you recommend under 200$ ? Please give the brand, model, price and some reasons

Gun Talk

5 years ago by Villagewarrior    Comments: 4    Views: 2318

Can anyone vouch for the A&K S-system M4A1 spec ops?
I am looking for $100-$150 AEG that is reliable and has good fps. Any suggestions?


What is the best automatic to get under $50 ?

6 years ago by rudy    Comments: 5    Views: 2031

What is the best automatic to get under $50 ?

Quality of SRC's G36s??

5 years ago by Spitfire    Comments: 4    Views: 1699

Simple. How good are SRC's G36s... compared to lets say.... JG or Echo 1??

M4 Trommelmagazin gesucht

4 years ago by lukas    Comments: 3    Views: 1668

ich suche schon seit langer Zeit ein Trommelmagazin für meine M4 es sollte 2500 bis 5000 Kugeln fassen. Hoffe mir kann jemand helfen.
Grüße Lukas

What Airsoft brand would you recommend ?

6 years ago by rudy    Comments: 4    Views: 2507

King Arms, G&G Armament, Deep Fire, Cybergun, Classic Army, Crossman, Echo 1 USA, Tokyo Marui, WE, Magpul, Both Elephant, Cyma, Jing Gong... There are tens of Airsoft brands and manufacturers. But what is your Top 5 ?

New Gun, need Ideas.

2 years ago by TrojanJ    Comments: 0    Views: 819

I'm debating on what airsoft gun I'd like to get. I'm just recreational airsofter, but I don't shy away from a good gun, both airsoft and actual. I'm selling my G&G M4 and my friend is trading me his KWA MP7 GBB. I intend on using that as my CQB/possible back up. I like AR platforms, I've been trained on them, and know how to use them better, but I'm honestly tired of them and I'm not getting another G&G due to that M4 being a waste.
I also have a SCAR-L that's in the shop, for repairs/rebuilding due to it being a bone yard. I wouldn't...

FMA Tactical Full Face Mask Protection "Templar" TB563

5 years ago by YoLoL    Comments: 2    Views: 2796

What's your opinion on FMA Tactical Full Face Mask Protection "Templar" TB563

Do you own one of these?

Can you use goggles or protection glasses underneat?

Quels sont les meilleurs revendeurs Airsoft sur Paris ?

6 years ago by Airsofter    Comments: 5    Views: 3111

Quels sont les meilleurs revendeurs Airsoft sur Paris ? Merci pour vos réponses. Je commence..

Best AEG under $200

5 years ago by food007    Comments: 2    Views: 2187

Battle it out!

Where to buy?

5 years ago by jonatanelgstrom    Comments: 2    Views: 2264

hi! I was wondering if someone knew where I could buy a WE F22x Airsoft cheap. Please reply and give link to the place an I would be very thankful! Thanks (:

Classic Army M15A4 upgrades

5 years ago by Dasauto123    Comments: 2    Views: 2455

I have the sport-line version of the CA M15A4, and I've been wanting to do some internal upgrades, but I have no clue where to start. I'd like to increase torque to up my rate of fire, and I'd like to know which barrel I should get to improve accuracy. Also, any external upgrades (like butt stock and pistol grip) suggestions are welcome.

I have no idea what I'm doing.. :/

4 years ago by carlo.hakens    Comments: 2    Views: 805

Was wondering if anybody could give me advice on whether I should buy an ASG Steyr Aug A2, ICs MP5A5, or a G&G MP5A4?? Or perhaps there's something better than those three? I'm looking to spend up to $350-$500. I'm still kind of a newbie..
Thanks for any and all tips!!

good sniper rifle under 120$

5 years ago by Famewhipper    Comments: 2    Views: 1746

I'm brand new to airsoft, and I have a jg g36. I'm looking for a sniper rifle but can't decide. Any advise from airsoft squared?

Align KX015081 T-REX 450 Sport V2 Super Combo

4 years ago by Anonymous    Comments: 1    Views: 1114

1. New style CNC alloy rotor head system dramatically improve aesthetics. The new rotor head also improves flight stability and controllability.
2. Newly designed 4 piece upper/lower plate frame system, with composite material technology which integrate screw attachment points for servo mounts to ease installation.
3. Narrow lower frame and base plate design to increase rigidity and improve flight maneuver agility.
4. A newly designed rudder servo mount which relocates the servo inside the frame to achieve centralized CG and impro...


4 years ago by Anonymous    Comments: 1    Views: 1147

quick question where might you guys say is the best Canadian retailer? I'm hoping to find a place on par with the major US retailers but so far finding things in Canada has been rough.

KWC smith&wesson m&p 40

5 years ago by Redneckzero    Comments: 1    Views: 1417

Cant find mags for my smith&wesson m&p 40 can anyone help in this matter.

Kentucky: Louisville, Frankfort HPA stations

5 years ago by Viperwaurio    Comments: 1    Views: 1445

Does anyone know of anywhere in the stated area that I could get my HPA tanks filled for my P*, and which places are the cheapest?

Please help me! Hobbyasia.com is trustable?

6 years ago by Nivram    Comments: 1    Views: 1607

Anyone bought anything there? Please need help!

I want to buy but dont know it is trustable!

Best airsoft for practicing trigger squeeze, draw and aiming

4 years ago by BDT    Comments: 0    Views: 1235

My daughter is just starting to compete in IDPA and Steel Challenge. We shoot a 1911, an M&P 9mm and a Glock 22. What brand/style of airsoft pistols will give us the most realistic practice.

Aeg broke beyond repair would like opinions on next one

3 years ago by foleythesniper    Comments: 0    Views: 855

Hi all, So recently my aeg broke (long story but body is now in 2 pieces) and i was hoping i could get some help deciding on my next one, i'm stuck between 2, an ak variant, a m4 variant.

my old aeg was a m4 so i have a leftover mag and battery (does not have to be reused).

m4 platform: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=17591

ak platform: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=12340

now between these 2 i like the m4's stock upgrade's but i heard the version 2 gearbox is A LOT worse than version 3. ...


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