Who is your favorite airsofter?

5 years ago by TheAirsoftMovement    Comments: 3    Views: 1996

Who do you think is the best airsofter on youtube? This person has to post airsoft gameplay to qualify so Crazyncman doesn't count. My favorite airsoft youtuber is tophatrunner. check him out! He actually takes time to edit his videos so that you could see what he is shooting clearly!


Used Military Uniforms - Major Fail - Dishonor to Veterans

4 years ago by Ghost Pirate    Comments: 2    Views: 1766

Most of you might not know that I served in the USAF, USAF Active Reserves and I am a Desert Shield & Desert storm Veteran. I also served in the Civil Air Patrol as a 2nd Lt. I have served my country for numerous years honorably.
A week ago I was at an Airsoft operation/game and some of the host unit's members were wearing used/old woodland BDUs. That's not the issues I have, most Airsoft Operators wear some type of military uniform including myself. The issue I have is when an operator is wearing a uniform with both name tapes, squadron/u...

Some news about the translations of Airsoft Squared

5 years ago by rudy    Comments: 1    Views: 2216

We are about to finish the translation of the site in several languages. We still need a hand to finish German (95% finished), Italiano (40%), Croatian (90%), Español (80%), Dansk (80%)Norwegian (60%), Swedish (40%), Serbian (25%), Russian (40%), Slovenian (50%), Indonesian (65%), Greek (30%) and Bulgarian (15%)

Good news, these languages will be added soon :
Português (de Portugal) (FINISHED)
Português (Brazil) (FINISHED)
Nederlands (FINISHED)
Język polski (FINISHED)
Hungarian (FINISHED)
Finnish (...

Ability to localize discussions

4 years ago by M4Ben    Comments: 1    Views: 1199

Nice site, but it would be far more useful if there was some way to filter discussions to a certain radius or even a state or county.

Our group is interested in connecting with other airsofters in San Diego county and it's a bit difficult with the current functionality. Thank you for your consideration.

OP: El Trono 2013

5 years ago by Thoe Sanday™    Comments: 1    Views: 1960

Let\'s talk about it here: http://www.filairsoft.com/forum/showthread.php?t=120915

What would you expect from a fallout themed airsoft game?

5 years ago by skip    Comments: 1    Views: 1777

The game is 6 months away, the storyline is solid, the side missions are full of detail and imagionation and the prop list is as long as a fairly long arm. We are all looking foreard to putting this game on.
We are very interested to hear what airsofters would like to see, and expect to see or do at a fallout themed game? Maybe something will come up we can include or develop into the game.

TheAirsoftMarket, the Original Airsoft Marketplace!

4 years ago by AlphaZer0    Comments: 0    Views: 1180

Hey airsofters!

I made a website where users can buy and sell used airsoft gear online. The site is complete and fully functional but I've come short of funds needed to maintain and upgrade it!

Support us on Indiegogo!


Why do you Airsoft?

4 years ago by Ghost Pirate    Comments: 0    Views: 1128

In a short comment please tell the Airsoft Squared Community why you Airsoft.


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