What to bring to your first Airsoft war

5 years ago by Tjuscg15    Comments: 3    Views: 3936

What to bring to your first Airsoft war. There are many things that you could possibly bring to an Airsoft war but I am going to name the ones that I think are most crucial for a successful and fun day of Airsoft.

First of all you will need a gun. What ever gun you want, it could be spring, CO2, or gas as long is it follows the FPS rules of the field that you will be playing on. You will need a primary gun and secondary gun if you really want the military simulation feel. The secondary is just in case your primary fails. The secondary is u...

Most used equipment

7 years ago by Riotharmus    Comments: 4    Views: 6040

Quite simply what are your most used piece of kit when out in the field. For me it's three simple but very effective pieces:

1) Gerber Legend Multitool: http://www.shop4gerber.co.uk/800front.gif

It's never let me down yet, sharp blade, tough pliers, wire cutters all with solid build quality.. can't go wrong. Enough to work on a gun in the field, attach foliage to a ghillie and do anything in between all fitting nicely in a 9mm pistol mag pouch.

2)Light My Fire Spork: http://www.mailorderbatteries.com/images/new_images/light_my_fire/sp...

What's your current Loadout??

5 years ago by Tevin    Comments: 4    Views: 2410

Share with us Your current Airsoft Loadout!

About 1st line gear setup

6 years ago by Moirae    Comments: 1    Views: 2861

We have ours, but we would like to hear about your experiences with the 1 st line gear.
What is your preferred 1 st line gear setup?


3 years ago by Bambi24    Comments: 0    Views: 1214

Si then guys whats the best props you have seen or made in games

Non Airsoft Related Equipment

4 years ago by Ghost Pirate    Comments: 0    Views: 1697

I have found that Airsofters are a pretty crafty & inventive group including myself. What piece or pieces of equipment that you use on your load-out rig were never intended to be used for Airsoft?

An example of mine: I use large rock climbing chalk bags on my load-out rig to carry cycling water bottles to keep hydrated. There is two examples of non-Airsoft related items that I use.

y tu... ¿Que Roll llevas? ¿Como juegas Airsoft?

5 years ago by Txerra    Comments: 1    Views: 1786

Estamos haciendo otra encuesta. Esta vez para saber que estilo es el mas jugado entre nuestros amigos y conocidos en Facebook. ¿Te gustaria participar?

? https://www.facebook.com/questions/177579195734277/ ?


Electronic spawn

4 years ago by RugbyGoth    Comments: 0    Views: 2180

French below

Hello everybody.

During a battlefield conquest like game we always wonder if the spawn point is under fire or not to know if we can spawn there.

To avoid problems with the meaning of "under fire" the Breizh Skull Company (http://breizh-skulls-company.fr/) dev team comes with a cheap solution: the electronic spawn point.


As this spawn point is an open source open hardware project, I will explain to you how to make your own.




6 years ago by YoLoL    Comments: 1    Views: 2107

Como tip para quién este buscando hacerce de un radio para practicar Airsoft. Cualquier radio tiene su earplug/chicharito con PPT (Push to Talk). Aunque es útil durante un juego de repente es difícil encontrar el dichoso botón en una partida. Especialmente en los momentos más candentes e.g. siendo suprimido por el fuego enemigo o para avisar de un blitz en el sector que se está defendiendo.

Por esta razón es mucho mejor gastar en uno que sea activado por voz. No importa la marca, busquen que entre la...


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