What replica do you have?

6 years ago by rudy    Comments: 22    Views: 12414

What Airsoft replica do you have? I personnally own a FAMAS

AEG vs. Sniper

5 years ago by sephman13    Comments: 9    Views: 5768

Okay, I've been wondering whats better; a Sniper Rifle, or an AEG? Part of me thinks AEG because of a higher RoF, but the other part of me thinks Sniper Rifle because of a higher FPS. What do you think?

Your favourite type of replica ?

6 years ago by rudy    Comments: 15    Views: 4231

Your favourite type of replica ?
Pistols ?
Shotguns ?
Sub-machine guns ?
Assault rifle ?
Machine guns ?
Snipers ?
Grenade Launchers ?
Anti-tank weapons ?
Customs Mini (under 18) ?
Paintball markers ?

What would be your buying advice for beginners ?

6 years ago by rudy    Comments: 12    Views: 2313

What replica to buy for a newbie?

Full Auto Springer

4 years ago by 501stAirsoft    Comments: 4    Views: 1902

Do you think a full auto springer is possible

GBBR`S The gas problem

5 years ago by Kane Gurney    Comments: 2    Views: 3096

We all want a realistic gbbr rifle no matter where we live,
the problem is not there price but more the cost of maitainance but mostly the cost of magazines which are vital in this case,
there is also the anoying prospect of not getting a full magazine of gas

i wish a manufacturer could solve these problems by connecting some kind of gas valve to the gun.
then you could carry a medium sized propane tank on your rig or back,
this could allow you to use standard AEG ! magazines in your m4 which to the typical gas magazine is cheaper by ab...

Cybergun SIG552 issue

5 years ago by YoLoL    Comments: 3    Views: 2430

I have a bit of a problem with my replica. As the title says, it's a cybergun SIG552. The problem is that the tiny metal grip that holds the RIS top rail (the one with the Swiss army logo) broke. It's didn't broke entirely, just enough to not be able to securely grab de rail.

My question is, does anybody knows if that piece is sold separately? And if so, where?

Any suggestions to fixing it?

KWA Pistols

5 years ago by WildTheory    Comments: 2    Views: 1936

I recently purchased a KWA MK23 USSOCOM, and am current eagerly awaiting its arrival. Like any other gun that I have purchased, I have my worries about it. Has anyone ever had any kind of problems with this pistol, or any KWA for that matter?


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