Selling my Airsoft

5 months ago by speedstacker    Comments: 0    Views: 400

I am looking at selling or trading my Classic Army Armalite full metal m15a4 cqb airsoft rifle. This gun shoots around 380fps and works great for MOUT enviroments. I can throw in a highcap for $15. I am selling it for $250 but I am open to trades and negotiating the price. For pictures or if you are interested please contact me at 303-472-3428 or speedstacker@outlook.com.

Brand New ICS-20 M4A1 for sale

11 months ago by Soldier8674    Comments: 2    Views: 439

Anybody in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, or Vermont

I have a brand new ICS-20 M4A1 airsoft gun I a, trying to sell. I purchased it a year ago never got around to using it and it's just taking up,space and I'd like to sell it if I can. I,purchased it for $260 on the gun itself. I bought the battery and smart charger separately for a total $65. An all around investment of $325. I understand I am not going to get that much for selling despite never having used it. I have tried ebay and it didn't work. Close 5 and Craigslist forbid sale o...

Tm Sr-16 M4 AEG w/ Large battery, Vertical grip, and 2 mags.

10 months ago by Tim_13    Comments: 0    Views: 391

Hi I am selling my Tokyo Marui Sr-16 M4 AEG. It includes 2 Hi-Cap mags, A Vertical grip, and a Large type battery. It has light use it just has been sitting on my shelf for a bit. It has a little barrel wobble. But otherwise it shoots great. It shoots around 300FPS. I am asking $235 for everything I am also open for trade, if interested email me @keentimothy4@gmail.com. Then we will from there. Thanks

Selling M4

1 year ago by johnt21    Comments: 2    Views: 837

A airsoft m4 gun with rails 2 8.4v batteries a smart charger 3 mags battery jumper cables and a foregrip flashlight. Fully auto with semi and safe settings and 300 fps.

Custom Airsoft guns

3 years ago by AirsoftBlogSpot    Comments: 5    Views: 1789

AirsoftBlogSpots custom airsoft guns for sale, featured guns are pre-designed makes and can be changed to your desire. You can request any gun, even those not listed. Prices will vary.


1 year ago by Skyrush Bro    Comments: 0    Views: 554

Ok guys, im kind of new here and im looking for a good sniper, can anyone tell me which is the best model they ve found (pls between 300 and 400 it will be fine)(Like to stay hidden and sometimes to go with my team and give them an accurate shot)

I need a lot of input!!!! What should I do?

3 years ago by fattboi94    Comments: 2    Views: 3268

I recently won a UKARMS Full Metal Spring SVD from AirsoftGI. But where I live at, long rifles are illegal. Only type of guns I can use are pistols, SMGs and CQBR. So I put the SVD up on eBay to sell. It hasn't been used ever. Not even for a test fire. It it a place where I can trade it or even sell it faster. BTW I live in DC.

JLC-Custom - Custom gear, custom prices.

3 years ago by Mieoonmanne    Comments: 1    Views: 1610

JLC-Custom is founded in 2010, in Helsinki, Finland.
We make custom airsoft guns and custom parts for airsoft guns. We also modify guns and upgrade them.
We use the finest quality materials and technology. We make also handmade wooden parts for guns.
Passion, Attitude, Results and Reliability. Those are words what reflect us the best.
If you´re interested about our Custom work, or want to order some sort of custom work, please contact us by e-mail.
or Facebook

Airsoft Trades on Twitter

3 years ago by airsofttrades    Comments: 1    Views: 970

Hi guys!
Are you having trouble trading,selling, or buying the airspft item you want?
Well then your at the right place! We help EVERYONE who posts to us!
How do you do it you may ask? Easy! Just go one twitter, search and follow @AirsoftTrades
You MUST be following us for us to post the picture and description of the
item your trying to trade/sell/buy
Thanks guys!


3 years ago by SuperiorTCG    Comments: 1    Views: 1219

Abunai Concepts "Custom Base Rifles" are now available! This first line called "Speed Kills" focuses on the high speed ROF aspect of airsoft rifles with precision FPS and incredible durability. Starting with a G&P stock gun, and upgrading every rifle with SHS internals you can be sure that you won't want to be on the other end!

As if that wasn't enough, we couldn't leave well enough alone and threw in a Lonex Titan A1 motor making these rifles absolutely insane.

Don't wait any longer and pick up an Abunai Concepts ...

products of NPO AEG

2 years ago by aleksej.lukin    Comments: 0    Views: 1392

Guys who knows about NPO AEG products line,(AS VAL, VSS, SR3m and more) and want some for him self . i can help u .please contact to me and will be owner of best airsoft replics made in Russia.(for EU players )

WANTED: Chrome Falcon 1911

2 years ago by ClarkUndead    Comments: 0    Views: 967

I am looking for an Evike Custom Chrome Falcon 1911. Another player at a field I went to had one and let me use it for a game- I really liked it. He refused to sell it though, so now I'm looking for one.


It doesn't matter what color the grips are. I will pay a reasonable price depending on internal condition and signs of wear.


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