Ghillie Suits

7 years ago by Dead-BoltAirsoft    Comments: 7    Views: 3263

Is the Ghillie Suit a tactical advantage or a spook?


2 years ago by hardshell    Comments: 0    Views: 1415

Tactical Vest are enhanced Vest which can provide protection of Upto Level IV with HAP to all the Vital areas. They are useful as there are option of pockets and Groin, Collar , Bicep, Thigh etc whereas in Concealable usually it's not available.

Camouflage sniper : Pencott, Ghillie, Claw Gear ...

6 years ago by lefourbe    Comments: 3    Views: 8434

Bonjour je voulais savoir si les snipers qui ont un uniforme Pencott en sont contents? et si c'est efficace?
Sinon, que préfères-tu?

Hello I wanted to know if the snipers who have a Pencott uniform are happy? Is it really efficient?

Merci / Thank !

Eye protection

6 years ago by Villagewarrior    Comments: 3    Views: 2029

Anyone know any good low cost googles that would fit over glasses?

Best vest

7 years ago by liao1889    Comments: 2    Views: 2693

For urban combat, best vest to use in GBBR games where you need many mags?

Color Matching for ACU?

6 years ago by Spitfire    Comments: 1    Views: 2771

I'm working on my next tactical outfitting along the lines of "Lightweight Hardcore-Rushing with ACU flare", going with something that looks really cool after having my RealTree load-out for sniping and tactical situations....which, honestly didn't look cool at all.

I have the basis of the body down, but one big thing has stumped me. Lemme give you some details on the load-out.

So far, I have lightweight comfy brown boots,Standard issue ACU pants, black gloves, black short sleeved lightweight cotton shirt, an ACU vest, a green G36c, clear...

WWII Replica Gear

7 years ago by MiCrow111690    Comments: 1    Views: 3058

Okay, I'm looking for WWII Garb, for relatively inexpensive prices. I'm looking to get one like the US infantry, 1942-1945 at the link below. Please if you know anywhere where I can get it, post here, or send me a message.

Eye protection

6 years ago by Villagewarrior    Comments: 1    Views: 1999

Anyone know any good low cost googles that would fit over glasses?

Pañuelo y Vendas

6 years ago by YoLoL    Comments: 1    Views: 2108

Entre el equipo opcional para participar en este deporte extremo, están las vendas y el pañuelo. Su uso, aunque simple, es útil durante una partida. Particularmente en campos grandes.

Cuando un jugador es impactado por una BB, además de gritar “herido” o hit es recomendable que ponga sobre su cabeza un pañuelo rojo. Independientemente de sí permanece en el campo o se dirije al punto designado para revivir, otros jugadores pueden identificar fácilmente que no es necesario dispararle...


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