Dboys SCAR l rebuiling help?

1 year ago by MountainMan    Comments: 0    Views: 394

So I have a dboys scar type l I bought back in 2010 or so that I wasn't using. My son is now old enough that he is wanting to get into airsoft. I let a friend use my scar for the last couple years and it came back to me in not so great of shape, so now I'm looking to upgrade the internal's. My gearbox is looking pretty good, but my motor is fried. Any suggestions on internal parts and type of battery? As well as anything else I should do to it to put it back in good or better shape?

A&K masada

6 years ago by S.F.E    Comments: 1    Views: 4648

would a reg c-clip for a normal hop up work on an A&K masada hop up because mineis broke

AK74 - How to install an M4 Stock???

6 years ago by Jomarre    Comments: 2    Views: 5554

I have a Dboys AK74S and want to stick a M4 stock tube onto it. whats the best way to do this if your a UK resident. I dont mind buying parts abroad but not my favourite thing to do. Tahnks.

Upgrade KWA CQR Mod 1

5 years ago by adrian.pickles.73    Comments: 2    Views: 2242

I am a newbie to Airsoft. I have recently purchased a KWA CQR Mod 1 and I am looking for advice on upgrading / modifying with sight,rails / handguards, laser and / or flashlight combo and foregrip. I was initially going down the avenue of a Magpul handguard,illumination kit & UTG P38 tac laser / flashlight combo but it seems that the P38 is only available in the States and I am in the UK. Has anyone any suggestions / advice?

Need to find 19 half Teeth piston

5 years ago by -=Kos=-    Comments: 2    Views: 2353

Piston in my SVD by CYMA have broke. Need to find a new one. may be some one knows where I can buy it?

ICS Sig Metal Body

5 years ago by Soyuz    Comments: 2    Views: 2293

I have a JG Sig 552 which came with a plastic body,i am planning to put a metal body on it.As far as i know the Hurricane metal body kit is compatible however it is very expensive and the bolt catch is non-functional,so i was thinking if an ICS metal body would fit it because it has the "Quick dissasembly" function.

Is it possible to change a full stock AK to a M4 Stock

5 years ago by TrojanJ    Comments: 2    Views: 1977

I have CYMA AK and it was my first AEG, I got and it's from my Dad so I don't want to get rid of it for a new AK. But I want to turn this gun into a contractor style gun and slap a M4 Crane Stock on it. This gun is wired in the stock and I know that could present a problem. Any ideas or guides? Is this even possible?

M203 Grenade Launcher Mod Ideas

5 years ago by MrGnarVar    Comments: 1    Views: 2176

Hello! A few months ago I baught a boneyard grab bag and in it (among other things) was an M203 grenade launcher for mountingunder the barrel of a gun. It works flawlessly but is missing the rail to mount it and im looking for any ideas for modifications to make a cool stand alone grenade laumcher. I dont plan on mounting it as my gun (AUG A3)has alot of weight to the front to begin with. Also sorry if there is already a thread for this and feel free redirecr me.

Magic Box Miracle Barrel

5 years ago by JoltDawg    Comments: 1    Views: 2479

So I've heard some mumbling about this barrel and I've seen the video on you tube of Jet DesertFox getting the kill with it but does anyone have any hands on experience with this?


Simple Upgrades

7 years ago by fozzila    Comments: 2    Views: 2096

I want to upgrade my simple HA-232 and my crossman m74
i need to now what is the max FPS spring that both can handle

Help, upgrades to my vfc scar ?

6 years ago by VeiledSovereign    Comments: 1    Views: 4323

I bought a vfc scar mk17 awhile ago and did some mods to it since then; a tight bore barrel, higher power motor, high charge battery, fixing the crappy wiring, high power spring and a adjustable fps piston (but i havent installed it yet). over all my scar is at what i wanted it to be except for two kinda not so small things.
One is to have the standard short outer barrel extended to a longer spec looking barrel, only thing is i cant find where to buy one, i only found two websites that sell it but its been out of stock for awhile i think. If ...

Gun Paint colors

5 years ago by Vipersoft    Comments: 1    Views: 1766


Does anyone have experience painting their airsoft gun? I am planning to paint mine, and any help that you guys can give I would be most grateful for.

I attached a picture that is kind of the ballpark of what I want my gun to look like. Does anyone know the paint colors/types that are in the pic?


Tokyo marui SOPMOD M4 upgrade

6 years ago by qhalish    Comments: 1    Views: 3150

hey,im beginner
I just bought Tokyo Marui SOPMOD M4 Boys HG Airsoft AEG and i want it to be fully upgraded. I just dont know what to uprgrade to it.
can u help me list all the the things that can be upgraded to this tokyo marui model

New Lines

6 years ago by dazz666    Comments: 1    Views: 2015

We hope you all had a great christmas and a "merry" new year!

We have recently introduced a offer with the VSR sets which proved popular so we are going to extend this (see offers below for details).

We have also introduced a new line for the TM L96 including hard to get hold of Loading Plates made from Aliminium. See http://www.airsoftsniperparts.com/apps/webstore/products/category/874977?page=1

Also back in stock is our new FTE Flash hider: http://www.airsoftsniperparts.com/apps/webstore/products/show/3543111

And last but not lea...

What is the width of a TM M9 spring guide?

6 years ago by ASTSrmr    Comments: 1    Views: 2165

I need this information for upgrading my KWA m93r.

KA M4 Jamming

5 years ago by yurgen.hohmeyer    Comments: 1    Views: 991

Hey guys,

My brand new (upgraded) KA CAA M4 has been jamming, I replaced the hopup bucking, and it's fine...Mostly.

Every about....16ish shots, it'll only go about 20 feet for about 1 shot then the rest of the time it'll be great.

I know it's not the mags, is it still the hopup bucking somehow? Or something else completely?

Thanks in advance.


Solder Dean plug in battery charger.

6 years ago by SwedishAirsoftviking    Comments: 1    Views: 2293

Hey guys, I got a question about soldering a Dean plug/connector to a Battery charger.
Alright, after unplugging the charger from the wall, is their anything that can go terribly wrong, or is it just as easy as doing it on a battery, and now when I got that in mind, having a charged battery, is that a stupid thing to do?
Is it safe, want to know before I might burn down half my house in the process.

ICS AK74 RIS upgrade possibilites

7 years ago by jamoy1993    Comments: 1    Views: 2720

Hello i was thinking of droping into this gun

KWA Ver3 Gearbox full set

King Arms Full Metal Body Kit

Some Form of Precision barel.

Anyone done this, Or any problems with the parts i am willing to use?

Gun tec

7 years ago by Westy101    Comments: 1    Views: 2419

When is nigel at the arena

High torque setup

7 years ago by bigboyjosh    Comments: 1    Views: 2146

Do high torque gears and motor increase the guns range? Or is it the stronger spring? Id like to increase the range of my G&g M14 but stay within field limits!

M4 Battery

4 years ago by Cap Hazard    Comments: 0    Views: 1173

I am currently running a Black ops M4. Ive got an upgraded hop up and some kind of performance motor on it. I recently bought a electric winding 3000 round box mag for it, but I don't have the battery life to use it all day. So my question is, what is the battery should I run to get the best power and the longest run time?

G&G Gr16 R4 Popular Question

5 years ago by Wizard    Comments: 0    Views: 1744

I am looking at upgrading my G&G GR-16 R4 Popular's internals with a new motor and spring, and want to throw a 7.4 Lipo into it, but i want to know if the guns internals will be able to handle the Lipo. and if you know what the internals are like can you please let me know, if i have to upgrade anything before the Lipo its fine with me. thanks in advance guys!

Mission, BC
JTF-2 Airsoft

M4 DMR Customization

5 years ago by TrojanJ    Comments: 0    Views: 1339

I've got a G&G M4 GC16 High-Torque Full Metal model. I've been aiming at turning it into DMR based on the one from Tears of the Sun, with the exception of the scope. What upgrades would you recommend. My friend recommended a Maple Leaf Hop-up, and by the way, everything in this gun is stock and firing 350 FPS.

Super X9 upgrades

5 years ago by Kasper    Comments: 0    Views: 1143

Hi all, Kasper here. Does anyone know of a place where one can find upgrades for a Super X9? I am currently looking for a gas bolt to increase the FPS of the gun, or if anyone knows of another way to increase the FPS of the gun i am open to other ideas! Also, does anyone know of a way to improve the accuracy of the Super X9? Or will the accuracy improve when the FPS is increased?


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