Operation Osprey Spanseniye


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Keywords: North, Carolina, Airsoft, CQB, MilSim

A CIA operative has been captured by Russian Spetsnaz in Donetsk, Ukraine and is being held in a safehouse within the city. The 22nd MEU-SOC is currently in the Black Sea and is the only special operations unit capable of accomplishing the mission in the time required. A joint team of Marine Force Recon and Scout/Snipers from the 22nd MEU-SOC has been tasked with rescuing the operative within 12 hours.

Event Spaces:
Competition will consist of two teams of 12 players.

Event Location:
904 Broad Street
Durham, NC 27705

Event Dates:
June 19th, 7:00pm to June 21st, 9:00 am

Event Registration:

Start Date 2015 Jun 19
End Date  2015 Jun 21

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Creation date May 17, 2015
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Event informations
Category Games
Subcategory Operation
Event admin mattvictoriano
Country United States
Region Durham, NC
Location Durham, NC

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