Operation Condor 2016: MUTC


Operation Condor 2016: MUTC

Operation Condor 2016: M...

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Centurion Airsoft participants of Operation Condor conduct FOB training activities and setup forces for direct action against an unknown OPFOR.

This operation will be held at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Butlerville, Indiana.

This event will teach and challenge even the most seasoned MILSIM Veteran.


This event is limited to 100 tickets @ $120 each. This price will include all events for the weekend including training on Operation Orders, Patrolling, Room Clearing and Building Approach and Assault.

Other events will include Rappelling and use of the SHOOT HOUSE on MUTC to practice techniques will getting direct coaching.

The culmination will include the newly trained forces (you) against an unknown dedicated OPFOR force. This will all be briefed in the mission statement on Saturday mo ... Read more

Start Date 2016 Apr 15
End Date  2016 Apr 17

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