Mission: Conflict Creek


See you all tomorrow!

See you all tomorrow!

We look forward to seeing you all over tomorrow for a fantastic day! Get ready for some awesome games with amazing players!

Quick Story: The Western American Federation has poisoned water supplies east of Old Colorado using their operatives in the New Canadian Republic. Now, the WAF and NCR square off at the Kiowa Creek Battlefield once again, as it is the closest untainted water source to their two largest combat forces. Fresh water means victory, and in this case Victory is Life.

About this skirmish day: This will be an intense day of airsoft, with multiple objectives, fast-paced action, and a storyline that will evolve throughout the day. Your side's actions and decisions will change how the day progresses. A win in one game may give you a bonus or a handicap later in the day. The way you treat an in-game character also affects how your side progresses.

MHM games are designed for everyone to enjoy the day, be they beginner or a 6mm Operator. We pr ... Read more

Start Date 2016 Apr 03
End Date  2016 Apr 03

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