Operation Blackops - Behind Enemy Lines


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Operation Blackops is a team or squad based, force-on-force, objective oriented, 24-hour, continuous tactical simulation, were players from six different factions participate in a scenario that tailor’s outcome based on the decision of those in command and subordinate leaders.  This event is design to test your endurance, your knowledge of tactics, your skills, your understanding of the battle field and your ability to motivate and take care of your fellow team mates.

Blackops - Behind Enemy Lines is a scripted event like no other that takes place on the grounds of the former Fort Sherman Military Installation in what used to be the Jungle Operations Training Center (JOTC).  The setting is in the Jungle that was formerly use for Jungle Operations Training.  It’s a rich fauna and flora environment, combined with clear wat ... Read more

Start Date 2017 Jul 15
End Date  2017 Jul 16

General Informations
Creation date May 26, 2017
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Event informations
Category Games
Subcategory Milsim & Reenactment
Event admin ngmayersa
Country Panama
Region Fort Sherman, Colon
Location Fort Sherman, Panama

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