Centurion MILSIM Battle of Tygart Valley


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Battle of Tygart Valley will be held outside Philippi, WV on October 13-15, 2017. The exact location will be announced on our facebook page as we are currently in the final stages of preparation and securing the land for exclusive use. The intent is to present MILSIM players with further immersion into SOF and Small Unit Tactics. Missions will vary in size and nature and will be planned by players with the guidance of Special Operations Cadre and role players. Please see the rules and regulations for uniforms and the type of mature players we are looking for so you're not disappointed with our gameplay style and Operational Tempo over the weekend. We expect a lot from our players and hope to give back in kind. See you down range.

Start Date 2017 Oct 13
End Date  2017 Oct 15

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