EASTER SPECIAL - The Eggspendables




Plenty of players booking in for this one now, so if you want an amazing action packed Eggsplosive day of Airsoft get booked in :)

"The Eggspendables"
Sunday 1st April 2018 - Wolverhampton
08.30am - 16.30pm

Warped Sports, Tong Wood, Newport Road, TF11 8PN

We have plenty of Cadbury's Cream Eggs to find and win for all players :D

With the world banks in turmoil and the fall off the global stock exchange a new world currency has risen...... Eggs!!

The Uk government has set up a new elite force "The Eggspendables" who's key goal is to keep the worlds rising stockpile of eggs at a stable level in order to keep rogue states from rising to power, even if this means covert incursions into other countries and territories in order to complete their objective.

Recent British Intelligence Agency reports suggest that a group of power hungry Belgian chocolateers under the watchful eye of Dr H Dumpty have successfully been able to clone chicken and f ... Read more

Start Date 2018 Apr 01
End Date  2018 Apr 01

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