Safehouse II: Op. Black Gold


8 months ago by Laborda

The year is 2012, seven years after conquering independence through a bloody civil war, South Sudan, with 8 million inhabitants, is without roads, schools or health services. Despite its potential for agriculture, 95% of the new country's revenues come from oil. Life in South Sudan is likely to be precarious in future years. At the same time as most of the wells are in South Sudan, the north has most of the oil pipelines that drain the fuel into the Red Sea.

Although the government of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir formally recognizes the independence of the southern part of his country, the priority now is to keep to himself the maximum profits from oil production, which is why regions of the border that are not yet demarcated south and north, such as oil-rich Abyei and Kordofan of the South, have experienced a wave of clashes, ... Read more

Start Date 2018 Jun 16
End Date  2018 Jun 17

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