Nightfall (Annual Strike Team Alpha MilSim Event)


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Nightfall is Strike Team Alpha's 4th Annual Summer MilSim Event and its first big MilSim Weekender.

Mission: You are a new recruit to a secret elite British military unit codenamed Strike Team Alpha. While on route to a black site the secret Strike Team Alpha HQ you are attacked by an unknown enemy.

You and any surviving team members must bound together and make your way to the black site, the only person knowing the location is the injured pilot. You must protect her at all costs so she can bring you in.

Start Date 2018 Aug 24
End Date  2018 Aug 26

General Informations
Creation date June 10, 2018
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Language English
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Event informations
Category Games
Event admin StrikeTeamAlpha
Country United Kingdom
Region London
Published on Strike Team Alpha

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