Operation Soviet


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Operation Soviet @ Combat City Orlando


The country of Ukraine has been silent and calm on Russia's border for decades, until suddenly on May 4th at 2000 hours, every city on the Western half of Ukraine was blacked out. As sudden as this power outage was, the chaos and mayhem rose even faster and the entire Western Ukraine is in total anarchy. As Ukraine military forces scramble to rest the civil anarchy, they request NATO's assistance as it becomes a more serious issue rising in several cities.
Suspicious to a terrorist threat, NATO calls for satellite coverage on all the effected areas. After a few scans, they see no threat imminent to the country from exterior forces but upon one of the scans, the surveyors notice some movement in a vehicle graveyard nearby the Chernobyl Disaster Zone. The vehicle graveyard was an area ... Read more

Start Date 2012 May 05
End Date  2012 May 06

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