Airsoft Command's "May Mayhem"


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What's better than starting off your 2012 summer season with May's Mayhem Event? NOTHING, THAT'S WHAT! Airsoft Command is hosting another big event for airsoft teams in NY and MA. This is a great opportunity to show off your team's skills and tactics.

This year we will be be battling at the Fox Hole, the home of the New Lebanon Grey Foxes. It is very big and spacious, great for snipers,while at the same time offers close quarter battle for the CQB junkies. The bonus that field transforms and changes all the time, yes it is a gravel pit!

-No FPS limit
-Faces masks are not required but preferred
-Bring a red rag/bandana to indicate that you are dead when eliminated from the round
-Bring a lunch, hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided depending attendance
-Bring your own supplies and gear, none will be provided
-Get prepared ... Read more

Start Date 2012 May 27
End Date  2012 May 27

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Region East Nassau, NY
Location East Nassau

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