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This is a 100% charity event. We will be announcing the charity here in a few weeks.

Standard TMA rules set apply for this event.

TMA Release

We will chrono with .20
Pistol/Riffle can use up to a .25
Sniper/DMR can use up to a .40
Magazines are shooters choice
DMR's are semi only and will be classified as Snipers.

Date -August 3, 2013

Time - 8am to 5pm

Where - Archary Park AO

Price - $45 includes one entry into each event, swag, and an OP patch.

Payment accepted at field but NOT guaranteed op patch.

No uniform requirements.

If you are under 16 you MUST have a parent present and with you at ALL TIMES!!

Start Date 2013 Aug 03
End Date  2013 Aug 03

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