Operation Jawbreaker Part III


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• SITUATION: Cousins Airsoft is presenting the third installment of their Milsim series. Operation Jawbreaker Part III Operation Anaconda
• The Area of Operations will be the Coram airsoft field
• The step off date will be 28 August 2011 with preliminary missions on 27 August 2011
• Execution: This Operation will have 3 evolutions. The First will be the night mission. Evolution 2 will be normal operations Sunday during the day, with advisers leading their teams on missions to earn points. Evolution 3 will be the final battle of the event.
• Support: Each team will have a general who will serve as team leadership. There will be a special advisor squad attached to each team to coordinate missions.
• Supply: Each player will be responsi ... Read more

Start Date 2011 Aug 27
End Date  2011 Aug 28

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