Operation Red Circle


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This OP will be held at the phenomenal Guardian Centers, located in Perry, Georgia. This amazing private facility spans 350 acres in central Georgia with a 75 acre urban operations training city.

It all happened so fast. Reports of a lethal plague sweeping across Alaska and down through Canada came urgently at first, and then, nothing. The Russians hit Anchorage first, with a secondary force laying siege to Juneau. After the first days of fighting, it seemed that US and Coalition forces would be able to repel the Russian assault. That’s when the first bomb went off. Almost 300,000 people were killed in the first 24 hours, and as the fallout and irradiation spread south on the jetstream, more and more perished. Alaska has been declared unfit for human habitation, and all forces have since evacuated what population they could and ... Read more

Start Date 2013 Dec 13
End Date  2013 Dec 15

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