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I will be having something for the team like a tryout or something probably during the spring break. For this event/tryout I only can have the first 16 people who want to do this come for this. This how it works, it's a whole day or two with shooting targets(moving and non-moving), tactics training, mini games(2 for warm up)and more not in that order. At the end their will be a multiple test and the top 8 will be a on the team from that side. But for the rest there is a surprise twist for them! The ones that don't make it through the two things can try again next time if they want to or sign up for the team and go through the process chesapeakealphatacticalunit.webs.com/what-it-takes . It's just a thought, but if you think you will want to do this then emall me at turnerdesmond84@yahoo.com, Call/Text (757)-237-1823 or @ chesapeakealp ... Read more

Start Date 2014 Apr 15
End Date  2014 Apr 15

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