Europe in Flames Mission: Advanced Warfighter


4 years ago by Ghost78
Rules of Play

Rules of Play

The Basic Rules of Play:

1) All participants use ONLY airsoft guns in their games.

2) All participants MUST wear eye protection! This is for legal/insurance reasons and cannot be avoided. Anyone who continues to be a problem in terms of wearing eye protection during the game will be banned from playing with the group. Nobody wants to be responsible for shooting someone’s eye out. If the mas...



THE GAME Scenario

The year is 2019.
The conflicts in eastern europe have increased sharply. After the Eastern Alliance (EA) has occupied large parts of their former territories, in 2015 the United European Forces (UEF) has been founded – a military coalition of allies and the last rampart towards east.
The UEF has been fighting for 4 years in eastern europe now. After Polen has just dropped t...

4 years ago by Ghost78
4 years ago by Ghost78

Keywords: MilSim, LARP, Big, Game

69h Gameplay
MilSim Event with 2000 Players in CZ Milovice
One of the biggest Airsoftfields in Europe
We have rented:
10x Pro Actors that work for US Military on Rotation
2x Bell Jet Ranger Helicopters (working on a Huey, too)
2x T55
1x T54
4x BMP
2x Hummer H1
1x KUB Rocketlauncher
1x KRUB Radartank
2x S60 57mm Canone
4x Quads
1x Tatra
2x Trucks
ALL vehicles, drive, fly or are running is developing an smartphone app for this event, where you can see your own troops, get orders and have waypoints. An arrow where your next mission is, you come from the safezone all you got to do to find your team is follow the arrow on your screen. no more radio madness.
The Homepage will be finished this weekend. Presale starts 15. Oct

THE GAME Scenario

The year is ... Read more

Start Date 2015 May 22
End Date  2015 May 25

General Informations
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Event informations
Category Games
Event admin Ghost78
Country Czech Republic
Region Milovice
Location 28924 Milovice, Street: Jiricka 1999, CZ

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