The GrimLock-Down


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The team GrimLock is proud to be holding our first airsoft event The GrimLock-Down at Mt.Doom paintball and airsoft, we would like this to be not only safe and fun but a memorable event that you will not soon forget but I'm sure your wondering what is the story to this event? Well here is the back story to to OP Broken Steel please read and enjoy. In 2008 over 31 small arms nuclear warheads were launched and detonated in the U.S. In a attempt to destroy some of the most powerful U.S. Military bases By enemies unknown, the devastation was unreal, it was as if they had opened Pandora's box and dropped it in America, as a fail safe the U.S. Launched over 72 nukes across the globe at all known enemies of the United States, the government is still trying to reclaim this continent, the government has deployed U.S. Army G.R.s, USMC S.O.U. Op ... Read more

Start Date 2014 Dec 01
End Date  2014 Dec 06

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