Task Force Scorpion @ Michigan Tactical Airsoft Center


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This would be Task Force Scorpion's first skirmish. The date is not final nor the time.MTAC stands alone with an impressive new 15,000 sq ft. indoor arena and a two-acre outdoor arena. We have constructed rooms to represent a classroom, hotel room, a bank, jail cells, party store, three bed room house with breachable front door, a blank room with four entry points. We also have two towers, random rooms with doors, L & T hallways with windows and drop down stairs with attic crawl space. MTAC has also purchased the Chinook Helicopter prop from the Red Dawn movie and relocated it to MTAC for your use!
MTAC Rules

350 FPS (.20g BB’s) limit on all guns being used on the property.
Full seal eye protection is required, and MUST be approved by MTAC RO.
Goggles must remain on at all times when in the playing field.
NO moving any barri ... Read more

Start Date 2015 May 23
End Date  2015 May 23

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