Airsoft Charity Event Operation: Lost Paradise


3 years ago by East Bloc
3 years ago by East Bloc

Information found at facebook event page

The country of Azul is in a deep depression. They have a rapidly rising national debt that is destroying the country. After all other solutions have been exhausted the President can only think of one last way to save their country and that’s to invade an isolated island nation called Sunia. Not much is known about Sunia except they are a very rich nation and they prefer to stay isolated from the rest of the world. Many people nickname the country “Lost Paradise” because of the rumor of its great rich’s and beautiful landscape. The President’s plan is to invade Sunia, rob their bank reserves and bring back any other valuables to help restore Azul’s economy. The invasion is set to take place sometime in March. The President beli ... Read more

Start Date 2015 Mar 07
End Date  2015 Mar 07

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