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We have started a new product line called, "Airsoft3D". This product line is brand new to the market and includes many innovative parts, for airsoft/paintball players, that are not available in the industry before. Our catalog currently consists of around 100 brand new parts. You can do a search for "Airsoft3D" and visit our Sculpteo and Shapeways storefront to see our products.

We are currently looking for wholesale and retail collaborators who can carry these parts and sell them in the consumer channels. At this time, We only have one partner who is selling a few of our parts on the eBay retail channel and we are seeing demand. We can use more eBay re-sellers. Amazon Fulfillment channel is wide open for a partner to enter. Other retails channels are also wide open. Earning opportunity is limitless.

We are the designer and manu ... Read more

Start Date 2015 Feb 16
End Date  2016 Feb 16

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