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Airsoft Panama was created in 2006 by Frank Malca, Lambros Efthimiopulos, Socrates Theoktisto and Ricardo Marquez.

First Panamanian Milsim Team.
Here at Airsoft Panama we dedicate completely to playing Milsim Airsoft. It's not only a new trend, but the most realistic and correct way to play and enjoy airsoft.
We know it takes time, money and luck to get far in this sport. After 5 years playing Airsoft we can now understand what it takes to be a Professional player and team.
We had several members, but as always dedicated members are the only ones needed to maintain a cohesive unit. Remember its not quantity, its quality.

Currently our 12 man team is training hard in several battle drills, radio commo, among others. This will ensure muscle memory and instant respond when engaging the enemy. Seconds mean the difference between ... Read more

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Creation date July 20, 2011
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Country Panama
Region Central America
Location Panama City, Panama

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