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Hello, and welcome to Haugaland Airsoft!

Haugaland Airsoft (HAS) was founded in spring 2009 and have rapidly and steadily grown to become a fun and social club in Haugesund. We were in 2010 a member of the Norwegian Airsoft Association (NASF) and has thus participated in the largest airsoftgame in Norway, OP: Pinky. In addition to our own club-games, we have cooperation with other NASF clubs, mainly Rogaland Airsoft (RAS) and Kvinnherad Airsoftklubb (KVASK). This results in larger and longer games, which we have become very comfortable with!

Airsoft in Norway has an age limit of 18 years. It means that you are not allowed to own weapons if you are under this limit. All unauthorized use and visibility of weapons in public place in Norway are not allowed. If you are under 18 and want to try airsoft one can do this by ... Read more

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Skjer det egentlig noe her, eller e detta bare noe fjas ronny har lurt meg innpå ?

Haugaland Airsoft

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