Cerberus Milsim Group (Bay Area, California)


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The philosophy behind Cerberus Milsim Group is to provide the one thing that is missing from every national OP: brotherhood. CMG is a closed community that offers private operations between two battling factions. Each member will be placed in a squad and will get to know each member of his or her squad and how that squad fits in with the larger platoon, company, etc.The problem with national level operations is that you only get to know your squad for a few short days. There is no sense of brotherhood and comradery during most big operations. CMG puts major emphasis on these. You will not only fight alongside other members, but will also train with them. Once you are placed in a squad, you are expected to stay and fight with them during monthly missions. Your squad will feel like your siblings- not strangers that signed up for the sam ... Read more

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