Airsofting in Finland


4 years ago by RBAirsoft
Unboxing package

RBAirsoft Unboxing package

4 years ago
4 years ago by RBAirsoft
Short chaos game video from thebackallecqc game site.
5 years ago by RBAirsoft
And now something completely different!

Sometimes things doesn't go well!
5 years ago by RBAirsoft
G&P Custom M4 CQB action
ASG/KWA Glock 18c GBB Action Montage 3

ASG/KWA Glock 18c GBB Ac...

Another CQC or CQB video from Back Alley CQC arena in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki.

This previously unpublished video material that I didn't edit until now. But I noticed it was a lot of great action so had to edit into a full video.

So if you like please share this video and comment to help me make more videos and my trying to promote airsoft in a fun and safe manor!

More KWA Kriss Vector Action by RBAirsoft

More KWA Kriss Vector Ac...

Here is some more action from "the back alley CQC" arena in Helsinki Finland. This is footage from same day as before but this was filmed later in the afternoon.

If you have the possibility to play in Helsinki and want to try this site, please visit the moderators at to find out more about this amazing place!

KWA Kriss Vector CQC gameplay

KWA Kriss Vector CQC gam...

So got my hands on the Kriss Vector GBB by KWA, and I went to my local CQC indoor arena to put it to good use.

There will be a review on it with my thoughts about it.

But here is a short video of the action with this KRISS...

RBAirsoft FAIL!

RBAirsoft FAIL!

Sometimes things doesn't go according to plan!

Unboxing video by RBAirsoft

Unboxing video by RBAirs...

So I had to cop out and make an unboxing video! These seem so popular on youtube so I guess I had to make an effort to make one.

What I got you have to see in the video. But What I can say it was a GREAT deal I got on a second hand replica, and I can't wait to do some skirmishing with it.

So if you like/dislike tell me in the comment or in the comment section of the video.

Airsoft CQC KWA Glock 18c Action Montage II

Airsoft CQC KWA Glock 18...

More action! The back alley CQC field have seen some changes during its time but the new HQ section really hit the spot. Before there was a bottleneck problem at the middle of the field and game play would often get stuck at that bottleneck.

With the new HQ section, a second floor are on top of the bunker in the middle of the field with two catwalks, really opens up the game. You should expect...

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A group about airsofting in Finland!

I will post links to videos from our games in Finland.

Come here to ask, find out about airsofting in Finland or just share your stuff!

Language English, Finnish and Swedish.

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Unboxing package

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Unboxing package

Airsofting in Finland

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Pari videoita lisätty!
Few videos added!

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