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1st Devastation on the Reservation Game!

1st Devastation on the R...

Devastation on the Reservation

Date: September 10th 2011

Location: Airsoft Reservation Warfare Center.
Address: 1848 F L McDanial Rd Fayetteville NC 28312
(Info on using GPS, SPACE the two letters F and L) (Some GPS units show Turnbull instead of Fayetteville, Both Fayetteville and Turnbull are correct.)

Coordinates: 34,8466, -78592581
Contact: Fix @ 910-978-2419

Field Fee: $6.00

  • by Fix 7 years ago
Op Phoenix

Op Phoenix


SG-Operations is proud to announce OPERATION PHOENIX: The Battle for Jericho Continues...

CIVIL WAR is coming... THE BOMB HAS BEEN DELIVERED TO TEXAS! The Allied States of America (ASA) cries FOUL!!! Jake Green and Hawkins have a massive price on their heads. President Tomarchio, Thomas Valenteof the NSA and other heads of the ASA decideit's timeto put an end...

  • by Fix 7 years ago

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North Carolina airsoft group

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North Carolina Airsoft

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