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Who we are...
We are but an army of heroes, fighting for victory by any means

About Us:
BLACK SCAR™ was formed after the collapes of WOLFPACK™ (Wp Arms™). As events pasted the team drifted apart and disorganisation ripped throughout. The team was forgotten.

Now reformed and reborn, BLACK SCAR™ will return from the ashes to take back our throne as the greatest and most feared force ever known to man!
Stronger, more Organised, better Equiped, Faster, Harder, Deadlier, More Brutal than ever!
No mercy, no prisoners, no survivors, no surrender and most of all never giving up!

For reference and curiosity purposes:
WOLFPACK™ - UK Airsoft Team

General Informations
Creation date July 25, 2011
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Group informations
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Country United Kingdom
Region Staffordshire - Chechsire
Location Biddulph, Staffordshire, UK

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