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Special Wiharsarok Airsoft Team Sport Egyesület Orosháza

Special Wiharsarok Airsoft Team was formed during 2006 spring. It is a registered sport club since 2010. As of now it consists of 12 dedicated members.

We have a major role in the Southern-Plains region. We are usually present (in smaller or larger numbers) at all the games held in the region, and of course we are trying to organize as many games as possible ourselves. One of our team's goal is to maintain authentic style and to take our hobby seriously.

For more information about us, please visit our website,at www.swat-airsoft.hu, or write your question to our email address: swatkapcsolat@gmail.com

„Play Hard, go Pro!” is our motto - and rest assured - we live up to it!

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Country Hungary
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S.W.A.T. Hungary

6 years ago by CouRagE    Comments: 1    Views: 805

Its great to visit your web site and facebook profile, nice products with good information, We really would like to be a part of your company, Can we ??
Bilal Mr.

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