MU Air Raiders Central Pennsylvania Airsoft.


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We are a dedicated team of 6-18 people, who get together once a week to play scenarios such as team deathmatch, capture the flag, and varied games using AEGs, co2 and green gas pistols, and bolt action sniper rifles. We have 4 outdoor locations we play, and currently trying to obtain a place for indoor play. We also play at "The Urban Warzone" in Altoona Pa, also "The Junkyard(Hill 32)" in Blandburg PA". These are two affiliated courses catering to paintball, who have been very kind to us in finding more Airsoft players, as well as reserving time for us when we wish to use their facilities. We are always looking for new members if you are close enough, as well as being interested in finding teams within a few hours distance to play with or against. Like us, and check us out on Facebook to see some pictures and video of us fraggin it up

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