Combined University National Taskforce (C.U.N.T)


Ground Zero Weekender

Ground Zero Weekender

All the information is here:

idea is to turn up, set up camp & have fun!

Please email me numbers on so that I can text you and let you know where we set up (or vise versa)

We will have CUNT flag for the event. possibly 1 flag provided by RUAS & 1 by Warwick

This is the group page for C.U.N.T. This association was formed during the Gunmann University tournament. So far, the Taskforce consists of Univeristy of Reading, University of Warwick & Tee-side University. The Taskforce will take any and all students willing to help! Friends are welcome to join and talk!

We aim to compete against each other at the Gunmann University Tournament and play as a unit at the Ground Zero Weekender!

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