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Nick Studios is a group of volunteers, that aim to make some of the worlds most actual and realistic war movies. Which is why we have our "EAR"-program:

Expertism, Actualism, and Realism. These 3 words is what the Nick Studios builds on. The whole idea of EAR is for us to interpret what is going on is this world and show it.
Expertism - we must know what we are doing, how we are going it, where we are doing it, and what to do afterwards. We must know every little part of the plan, because that is how we get the best results.
Actualism - is the problem actual? It is the same deal with newspaper articles. At Nick Studios, we try to keep the ideas as modern as possible, because that is often what is missing. Realistic films showing what is actually going on in the world.
Realism - make it realistic. Everybody can wat ... Read more

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