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Operation: Shattered Union II

Operation: Shattered Uni...

Full event info at:

Friday May 11th
Camping set-up - 5pm
Squad based training - 6pm
CO and squad leaders instruction - 8pm
Bonfire - 9pm
Lights out - 11pm

Saturday May 12th
Registration begins - 8am
CO briefings for each team - 9am
General safety / rule briefing - 10am
Launch into start positions - 10:30am
First Mission - ...

War Den Airsoft was born out of the desire of a few individuals to have a local Airsoft sporting venue. War Den and it’s representatives will focus on the honor and integrity that the sport of airsoft is built on. The representatives of War Den strive to provide the most family friendly, safe, and exciting airsoft experience that Ohio has to offer.

A major reason for starting War Den Airsoft was the clear opportunity that is provided to reach and have a positive influence on the areas youth. War Den Airsoft will offer local Youth Ministries an affordable activity to offer their students on a regular basis. We will continue to put together programs to offer Youth Pastors easy avenues to reach out to students that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to reach out to.

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The War Forums!

6 years ago by Keikeo    Comments: 1    Views: 3247

We have our own forums that you can come and chat with anyone about anything airsoft! Come check us out. We just passed 500 members so join the rest! Here is the link to the forums:


War Den Airsoft

6 years ago by Keikeo    Comments: 1    Views: 671

I'm in Ohio, I'm 15 and I want to get into airsoft

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