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The Lakeland Brotherhood (LBH) is an Airsoft group stationed in a small town of Lakeland, FL, we are a selected few that enjoy the sport of airsoft and are always looking for a new face to join our team. Our quality range runs from plastic pistols to full-metal AK-74's, so no matter what your gear is we would love to have you join.

It started with a few pistols and a few backyard duels and then just exploded from there! A few of us had other sports like tennis and bowling, but nothing can beat the concentration, the stealth, the fear, the accuracy, and the all around joy of just playing the game with your friends.

We are in the little town of Lakeland, Fl, but it's not like we are neighbors. Some of us are as far south as the next town, some are dead center in the urban area, and some are out in the farmlands. Even though we are ... Read more

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Country United States
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