M_A_T (Mercenaries Airsoft Team )of Greece


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We are a bunch of guys & girl who we like to play airsoft for fun, to keep fair-play amongst other players,make new friends and mostly promote airsoft to other people.
We are ready to undertake any assignement for you
and finish it for the proper payment.

Basic rules of our team:

We never betray the biggest bidder.

We don't care if we loose but only if we payed well.

We don't play to win but this doesn't happend always.

We keep ALWAYS the safety rules and the fair-play
and we help when we can others do the same.

We are not participating in fights or disagreements between
other players for any reason (except if we payed for that).

If you like join up on our page on FB: you can find us as Mercenaries-Airsoft-Team-Greece-M_A_T/ .

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