Sirens Airsoft Team of California


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Sirens Womens Airsoft Team
Is now recruiting Filipina and non-Filipinas for a newly formed womens airsoft team. If you are from the SF Bay Area, Oakland, Northern cities, San Jose, the Monterey Peninsula, Salinas Valley we would like to have you join our small but growing unit.

The Sirens Airsoft Team draws its inspiration from Gabriella Silang, who was the first Filipino woman to lead a revolt during the Spanish Colonization of the Philippines in 1763. Her ferocity and death became a symbol for Filipino women, their pre-colonial importance in Filipino society and their struggle for liberation during colonization

Uniforms are: Vietnam era Tiger Stripe
AEG: M4, MP5, AK47 or AK74 series of AEG.

Team Commander
Cam Garcia - (Black Widow)
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