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Operational Detachment Airsoft 202 (ODA 202) code name, Darkshadows. A tier one, special operations unit of the 2nd Special Forces(Airsoft) Group of the 1st Special Forces Airsoft Operations Command. This unit base in Opelika, Alabama is made up of veterans from all branches of the active military, reserves and the Guards
Capable of operating in the water, in the air, and on land. Formed for these primary missions: Unconventional Airsoft Warfare, Special Reconnaissance, Direct Action/ Counter Action, Hostage Rescue,Surveillance,Target Acquisition and Elimination and Exterminations.

Darkshadows Operators Creed:

As a highly trained convert warrior, my entire image is crafted to being swift, silent and deadly. Leaving paranoia, fear, hopelessness and despair in our enemies. I don't exist. I am a rumor. Recognizable only as déjà ... Read more

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