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A pro-am airsoft team with a council made up of four members as the leadership. There are two distinct sections of Foxco: full members and cadets. Full members must be age 18 or older, cadets can be any age. The official uniform for full members is the Canadian Disruptive Pattern, or CADPAT. The official cadet uniform is CADETPAT, which may be substituted with MARPAT.

To apply for membership, applicant must display the desire to be an active airsofter by coming to games. After showing activity, the applicant will then be given an application form to complete. Once the form has been processed, the applicant is an official member. Members must continue to be active to remain on the team. Applicants are not required to own any airsoft equipment and are encouraged to become active, join, and be guided in the aquisition of their own equ ... Read more

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