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Bob Marley's ninjas Is a team based in Liverpool, Were just a group of friends who enjoy airsoft bassically. Considering we only have about 4 acctive memebers we have a rather large assortment of weapons, such as M60VN, RPK, M16A3, Mp5K, MP5, G36, M16VN, SR-25, L96, Plus a fair amount of pistols to match. We also tend to use things that go BOOM cause there so fun.
We have ranks in such as 1IC and 2IC but it doesnt make much differnce as the BMN dont really care about ranks we just go with whos ideas the best ect, or what will be more fun.
But as it goes the members are
Andy Hough (Slim)
Chris Thomas (Bear)
Jay Westhead
Lewis Corke (Tink)

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