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The Stormtroopers Of Death (SOD), originated in 2005 in the town of Marinha Grande, Leiria. Created by a group of friends called Spockober,
PR, and Rui Evilgohst. After much time playing with replicas of spring, the first electric replicas SOD resulted in a huge development.
Shortly after we adopted flecktarn camouflaged as standard and with the appearance of counterfeit replicas, follow the "boom" national airsoft, growing in number over the years.

Having been a team very open and poorly defined, we formed several players and gave wings to the creation of some teams still in the area.
Participated in numerous events at the national level airsoft and its different aspects, we share our ideals of honor, fair play and camaraderie while we enjoy, know and befriend new locations throughout the continental Portugal.

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Country Portugal
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