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Predators Series Airsoft Masks Will Release the LED Version

Predators Series Airsoft...

The Predator (or Yautja) is a fictional extraterrestrial species featured in the Predator science-fiction franchise, characterised by its trophy hunting of other dangerous species for sport. First introduced in 1987 as the main antagonistof the film Predator, the Predator creatures returned in the sequels Predator 2 (1990), and Predators (2010), as well as an appearance in the cross-over series, “...

  • by m414 5 years ago

Let’s build the mask better together! Share your ideas, make a difference.

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Airsoft Mask VS Helmet

5 years ago by m414    Comments: 2    Views: 1689

Hi guys, what's your favories face protection for airsoft games? try to build the airsoft masks better for airsoft players, recently, more and more airsoft marvel fans ask if we can build the airsoft helmet, i.e batman, ironman, predator..But, you know, airsoft masks can be bulk build and one fits all while airsoft helmet is not, and helmet costs much more than mask, and there are still a lot of other things we should consider, so i am just looking for the polls, should we build the airsoft helmet? Thanks.

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