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Diamond Corps' focus is on the promotion and enjoyment of Airsoft. We are interested in training, tactical unity and teamwork. Our troops are always looking for a challenge in opponent, mission and terrain.
We look forward to seeing you on the field!
Or contact us at: komissar@diamondcorps.com

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What type of Airsoft events do you think are best?

6 years ago by Komissar    Comments: 1    Views: 2383

I find that the more experienced operators enjoy OP's that have mission and objective related themes. However, there are times when I just want to "run and gun", and a simple Base Assault, or CTF game is fine.
I believe the less complex missions are also more popular with those who are first timers to Airsoft. Does this make them any less enjoyable for the veteran operators?

What is your definition of Mil-Sim?

6 years ago by Komissar    Comments: 7    Views: 16186

The enjoyment of Airsoft stems from good organization, planning, and attitude.
Let me clarify that the events we host and attend most of the time are skirmishes. A skirmish is a force on force, occasionally with a couple of objectives thrown in for diversity. Our "Mission" days are versions of skirmish events.
An Operation is more elaborate. It involves consecutive, sequential missions in a themed scenario. These often have props, vehicles, or third persons in participating roles. These events usually incur some expense to both the host and t...

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