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AirsoftHQ is an austrian online store for airsoft guns , equipment and accessories. Founded in 2007 ,we are one of the leading airsoft stores in Austria serving each kind of airsoft enthusiasts . Since beginning of 2011 we are also selling collectors, sporting and hunting firearms and supplying the whole range of ammo and accessories. SInce our website is dedicated to airsoft only we will never sell any real guns online.

Since we have our own Team too you can always find us on major events in and around Austria also organizing Milsims , and being part of some reenactment teams.

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6 years ago by airsofthq    Comments: 1    Views: 774

Before buying at AIRSOFTHQ.AT, read this ... Bewware ... http://www.france-airsoft.fr/forum/index.php?showtopic=92750&st=340#entry3070083

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