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Fort Ord Youth Leauge Op 3 – July 27th

Fort Ord Youth Leauge Op...

Fort Ord Youth League 2013! – July 27th

July 27th – 0700 Gates open, last Op ends at 1700hrs

Pre-register Below and get a $5.00 discount on the game!

Age requirements: 14-17 – If you are younger or older…sorry cant help ya!

We will require a parent or Guardian signed waiver to play on the field.
We do not allow spectators on the field during game operations.

Pre-Register for the ...

Nephi's Game

Nephi's Game

We are hosting a very special fund raising event for a Friend and member of the Airsoft Community this July, and we look forward to seeing you all at the game. Members of the Airsoft Community are known for taking care of our own and coming together to offer support in any way possible when a Brother- or Sister-in-Arms reaches out. This month’s Op- “Nephi’s Game”- is in remembrance of 6-year old...

Keywords: Bay, Area, CQB, MOUT, URBAN, Fort, Ord, CQB, City, City, Games

We are largest CQB field for Airsoft in the Bay Area, with a season team of operators with over a decade of experience running the very finest in Airsoft Events. Located on the retired Fort Ord Military base, Marina, CA, you will get to experience CQB and MOUT engagements like no other. NOTHING comes close to the challenges and excitement you’ll experience at a Roundhouse Productions Op!

Roundhouse Productions is now proud to offer Youth Events! Check the Event and Special events list for latest Ops news!

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