SGO - Samodzielna Grupa Operacyjna ?ód?


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We started in autumn 2006 - me and Ratman. Now our Tem counst about 15 members and this count still grows, because I still recruit new members from my friends.

Camouflage: Our main uniform is flectarn, but we also wears woodland and olive.

Armament: M4, SR25, LR, MP5, AK-47

For many players Airsoft is just a hobby, for us it's primarily hobby :)

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Creation date November 13, 2011
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Language Polski
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Country Poland
Region Lodz, lodzke
Location E-75, 91-027 ?ód?, Polska

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SGO - Samodzielna Grupa Operacyjna ?ód?

6 years ago by xproboszcz    Comments: 1    Views: 553

Location on map is by mistake
Real location is ?ód? (LODZ) Poland

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