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Airsoft Warfare Bureau (AWB) is a group of italian Airsoft Clans that use AWB MILSIM Game RULES.

Theese ones are very very similar to the real military simulation, including:
- MEDEVAC Operation (With AIDMAN and MEDIC)
- LIMITED AMMO (based on the role played)
- Enemy Prison of War
- Sniping, Special Force Operation (Sea, Air and Mountain)
- etc. ect. etc.

Try a new adventure with us !!! Start like a recruit and obtain the rank of Commander ...
You can get all the designed AWB Commemorative Medals

All Handbooks and Rules are written in italian. Traslation in english only on demand !!!

Owr fields are opened to all ... contact us !!!

ALL MISSION IMPLEMENT, including PaceKeeping.

AWB use the STANDARD U.S. ARMY handbooks and brevity codes.

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6 years ago by BlacktigerAWB    Comments: 1    Views: 1600

Ask for AWB Military Simulation !!!

We are looking for new softgunners

N.B. Italy limitation for softgun is 0,99 J

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